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Naija Imprints is a publishing outfit, started in 2020 by Dr. Patricia Anekwe, to share research information about Nigerian immigrants and their children in the United States. An immigrant and an educator, she has an interest in this population and seeks to share her passion with you, the readers. Nigerian immigrants and their children are among the high-achieving groups in the United States and we need to document their experiences. The book, "High-achieving second-generation Nigerians in the United States: Navigating multi-contexts to success" is her maiden publication. This seminal work on the topic is available on Amazon as a print and an eBook. 

Find out how Nigerian parents inculcate a gospel of education creed in their children. Order your copy now.

The Author: Dr. Patricia Anekwe

I am a Nigerian immigrant and a retired high school administrator, with more than three decades of experience as an educator in the United States. I am a researcher and a published author, seeking to share my passion for writing and collecting stories about Nigerians in the United States. I am  interested in documenting the experiences of Nigerian immigrants and their children in the United States. I am currently looking for contributors to share their experiences (good or bad) about being a Nigerian or the child of a Nigerian (second-generation) living in the U.S.

Please email me, if interested: for more information.

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