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For more than three decades, my husband and I have given back to our community in Aku, by establishing a scholarship scheme for the education of many students in the universities, up to the doctoral level. We feel blessed, and generously share our resources, at home and abroad. Undoubtedly, our most important and proudest project is the construction of a public borehole water project to provide clean water and improve the health outcomes for rural people, without access to clean water in our community.  This came in handy during the Covid-19 outbreak. We believe that good health and education are the foundation of a bright future for any community.

As a result, in 2020, I started Benevolent Bright Future Foundation (BBFF) to help maintain and expand our charitable work.

Proceeds from the sale of my books (Up to maximum allowed under IRS tax code for public charity) will help us expand the scope of our charitable work in the future.

For information, please email

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Water Valves for the Community[7529].jpg
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