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Igbo Life Series was started in 2010 by Dr. Patricia Anekwe to document and share stories about growing up in Nigeria and to preserve the history and stories of our parents and relatives, before it is too late. This is another one of her passions. The series has produced two titles: "Igbo Mothers by Igbo Daughters" and "Igbo Fathers by Igbo Sons". The subsequent titles will be Igbo fathers by Igbo daughters and Igbo mothers by Igbo sons, with many more title planned in the future.

We come from a culture of storytelling, so let’s share those wonderful tales from our rich Igbo tradition before we lose them.  We are products of not only our parents but also other relatives due to our dynamic collectivist culture.  Our stories will inspire our children to value the best in our Igbo culture.

If would like to contribute a story or have any questions,

please email me:

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